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How I Got Here...


Les Sincavage Graphic Services, LLC is operated by, you guessed it, Les Sincavage
(Owner/Creative Director).  I have always had a passion for art and being creative,
and have perfected my skill-sets after nearly 20 years in the graphic arts field.
Working for many different Fortune 500 companies, I started out in my career as a
full-time Graphic Designer eventually working my way up to Art Director. I have
throughly enjoyed my time working for those companies and now embrace the
challenge as Creative Director of my own business.


People often ask me "Why did you want to give up a full-time position and try your
luck running your own business?" Well, that's simple really. Having my own
business allows my creativity to branch out endlessly and forces me to push
myself to stay on top of my game. I get to interact with so many new and
wonderful people, which gives me the opportunity to utilize how my talents
to help others reach their goals.


Your Success is my Business!


I want to work with businesses and organizations that value the importance of
design and technology and appreciate a superior level of customer service. I want
to work with folks who are looking for a lasting relationship, and I want to help
your business succeed over time.


The best part about what I do, is helping other businesses grow by helping them portray a professional and unique image in print and
on-line. Your passion is contagious. While I have clients big and small all over the East Coast, I love doing graphic design and website
design for smaller local businesses and organizations because I want to work with people who are excited about what they are doing.
Plus, people who own small businesses are more likely to support other small businesses, keeping more money and tax dollars local.
And that includes me! I try to shop local and use local service providers as much as possible to spread the love and keep small businesses open. And unlike many graphic design studios or website firms, Les Sincavage Graphic Services, LLC will give even the smallest businesses the attention they deserve.


I love entrepreneurs! I love working with people who are taking a risk and shooting for the stars. I have the expertise and knowledge to help you achieve your dreams, and I'm honored to be a part of your journey.

This is the home of Les Sincavage Graphic Services, LLC

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